Green Things and Holy Highs.


((from Brittany))

At the end of last year we packed up all our earthly belongings and left the City of Oaks, Raleigh, NC for a little town in West Texas. Everyone told me to expect to miss the green hills and trees that Raleigh boasts of, so I did what I could to prepare myself, but I must admit I was a little shocked at how much I missed the trees.

A few months into our move my husband and I were driving across Texas and as we left the tan, flat landscape of the West, we found ourselves oooohing and ahhhhing over any patch of green we found.

We’d drive by an acre or two of green grass and I’d hear Ben say, “Man, it’s so pretty here.” If I saw trees that were taller than me, I would gasp and point and stare. Whenever I’d find myself on a walk or run, I would make frequent stops to take in the view.

There was an ache in my soul to be near green creation and to feel utterly small and yet entirely inspired by its beauty.

This past weekend we visited friends at a lake east of Dallas. The hills and greenery were stunning and as we drove, again I found myself stunned by God’s creation.

This new obsession to be outdoors has perplexed me, but nonetheless I’ve been rolling with it, trying to see what the Lord is teaching me.

Our friend Kate encouraged us this week  with a quote from Chariots of Fire, “When I run I feel His pleasure.” And then she asked us what was our version of “running;” what was something that we did that made us feel God’s pleasure?

I thought about it for awhile, writing can be one of those things for me. Mothering as well. Teaching is another thing I do where there are times I get a “holy high” and feel like I’m made that very moment.

Yet, as I looked at the trees hovering over the water, with a blue sky in the background, it hit me. This yearning to be in God’s creation, this learning that being small and silent is another way I feel God’s pleasure.

And I love it because the only thing it requires of me is to simply show up.

In a season where doing is my jam and overthinking my work is a bad habit, God has gently called me to just be with Him through His creation. I’m learning to feel His pleasure when I take note of His work, not mine.

So this weekend as we drove, I took it all in. And as I stepped outside and stared at the tall green trees against a bright blue sky, the warm sun kissed my cheek and again I knew, there was nothing I could say or do that would make Him love me more or less. So I stood there small, knowing His pleasure, and relished in His work.

A Holy creative God was beckoning me to come and taste and see that He is good and know that His creation is just a mere glimpse of His creative genius and love for me.

I didn’t have to do a thing, I just had to follow that longing and show-up.

 Is there a holy longing in your soul that might seem silly or ridiculous? What is it & what is something you do that makes you feel His pleasure?

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