Waiting Rooms.

((from Natalie))

Have you ever been in a hospital waiting room during a loved one’s surgery?  Sitting or more than likely pacing in anxious anticipation as you await word of what’s happening/happened beyond the surgery room door?  Your mouth parched with thirst for some wisdom from the other side; your bladder full with nervousness as stress beads-up up on your brow.

The waiting room is a space where our hope is at it’s most heightened state.   We would much rather press our ears to the surgery room door (if only we were allowed), wouldn’t we?

Maybe our ears are wide-open for the sound of a baby’s first cry.  Perhaps, our minds come up with laughable wishes like “Why can’t surgeons wear lapel microphones?” – you know, so that we could be privy to confident words like “I think we got it all” (after she carefully removed the tumor).  Or maybe we’d give just about anything to audibly detect the steady beep of the heart rate monitor after a risky transplant.

Since we can’t be in the room, or even pressed against the door, we take up post as close as we can get: in the waiting room.

No matter the interior designer’s best attempt at creating a cozy hospital environment, the waiting room usually still feels stark and sterile, cold and empty.  A void hangs in the air- the void of missing wisdom. And the only thing keeping us grounded is the gravity of hope.

Proverbs tells us to position ourselves as close as we can get.  His wisdom is coming through the door, the most blessed place to be is waiting there to receive it.

“Blessed are those who listen to me, watching daily at my doors, waiting at my doorway.”  Proverbs 8:34

What’s that thing for you?  What’s the daily hope of your heart?  Are you pressed against the doorway?  Are you sweating in a waiting room with heightened hope?  Are you in the place of almost, but not yet?  Does life have you in a stark waiting room?

Have you stopped to feel just how deep the roots of your hope go down into your soul? Imagine Wisdom busting through the door.  Let your spirit envision hearing the Good News, the best news you could hope for.  He carries the Good News always, blessed are those waiting, listening, yielding.

The Giver of Wisdom, oh how He delights in seeing YOU waiting at His Doorway.  He wants to see you leap from the waiting room chair with ears open to what only He knows.  He loves to encourage and guide, quenching your thirst with wisdom only He can reveal.

Another version of the same verse puts it this way:   “Blessed is the man that hears me, keeping vigil at my gates, waiting at the threshold of my doors.”
Our world is full of voids.  If we use Hope to position our lives and stay vigil to His teaching, wisdom can cross the threshold and pour into our lives.

Dear Hopers, I encourage you, lean in, press on, take vigil, wait in the doorway, and be blessed.

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