Never Thwarted.

((from Brittany))

I have to admit, I got this week’s topic and scratched my head. Angels unaware, hmmm, I’d sit down to write and every time I come I’d come up dry. It’s not that I don’t believe in angels, it’s that the whole unaware part 100% applies to me.

But the more I thought about it and looked back on my life, I got way too caught up in looking for the miraculous and missed God’s sovereignty in the ordinary. And thus a concept came to mind…

The overarching theme of God’s sovereignty in His people.

I love the stories in the Bible when angels came and made proclamations on this earth. I am incredibly inquisitive about their roles and their descriptions and am fascinated by when they appear and why.

And what I see in scripture is that God’s sovereignty, His ultimate goal of reconciling mankind to himself will not be thwarted. Whether it’s through sending an angel with a message, or parting the Red Sea, or using his people to bring about the seed of David, He was never stopped. Ever.

And the same can be true of today and I see it in my own life. When I look back at divine moments, when I see blatant answers to prayers, those miracles were chapters of a story of restoration in my own life. Were they brought about by angels? Well to be quite frank about it, I’ve never looked at it that way before. But I see the hand of God, divinely crafting a story of redemption that points to His glory.

Friend, this is my last week consistently posting at Hope is Hard. And I have to tell you this, I am so glad to be leaving you with this final word of encouragement. God’s love for you CAN NEVER, WILL NEVER, be thwarted. Your pain, your successes, your highs, lows, and the ordinary moments in between… look for God’s hand in every season and you’ll see glimpses of His love.

Perhaps it’ll come in miraculous angelic form like it has for many people. Or perhaps it’ll come through His bride, (which if you think about it… God using broken people to bring about restoration in this hurting world IS A MIRACLE in and of itself), or maybe it’s simply unexplainable.

But He is for you.

He’s fighting for you.

And His love for you can never be thwarted.

And leaving you with that truth for your life is a great privilege.

Hoping with you always & cheering you on,

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  1. You all have a lovely blog, and I would like to nominate it for the Liebster Award. My blog is, and you can find more information there. 🙂
    Blessings! 🙂

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