Loaves & Fish. Little Boy & Big God.

((from Jessica))

About a month ago, our son came to us with a “big plan.”

Apparently, his little heart had been mulling over an idea to raise money for kids in Africa; we had absolutely no clue. NADA.

From the backseat of the car, he quickly explained to his father and I that he wanted to “help kids have food and be able to learn like I do.” He told us he wanted to create a video (filmed outside by the hedges in our backyard) for me to share on my “Facebooker,” and he insisted he had a goal of raising $5,000 by Christmas!


To be honest, we (both my husband and I) nodded our heads in encouragement but didn’t really do anything about it for a couple of days. But then I felt a convicted nudge from the Spirit.


Why not take this little boy’s idea and put feet to it? Why not take the time to care for others and share the Good News? Why not create an opportunity for Caden to see what happens when ACTION is multiplied and the body is challenged? Why not make a space for this little guy to touch others across the world with an idea that started in his heart? Why not give him an opportunity to watch ME work in MIGHTY ways with a “little loaves and tiny fish idea??” WHY NOT?!?!

So, as only the Lord can do, He brought to mind a high school classmate of mine who I have intermittently stalked on Facebook since we graduated… over 15 years ago!

A few years ago, she and her husband took a leap of faith, quit their steady jobs and moved their family to Uganda where they are now a part of Amazima School. Long story short, I reached out to her, pitched Caden’s idea, got some information from a stateside director in Nashville, and Caden’s plan has been up and running for the past month! (Oh, and let’s not forget that the day I  reached out to her with this wild idea, she told me they were in the process of “budgeting week” for the school!)


Is it possible that God moved in Caden’s heart (in southwest Ohio) to meet a need for a school in Africa?!?!

YES!!! It is absolutely possible!
He is big people. HE IS BIG!

He’s soooo big that He’s used a little boy’s lunch idea and rallied people all over the world (yes, literally!) to raise $2,705!

He’s soooo big that when Caden and I were talking about God multiplying the little lunch of the tiny boy, Caden burst into utter excitement and shouted, “Mommy! Mommy! He fed 5,000 people with the boy’s lunch and that’s how much I need!!! $5,000!!!” OH MY HEAVENS! I hadn’t even made the connection when I uttered the analogy!

He’s soooo big that a few weeks ago, our fearless leader, Kate, asked us to highlight an organization of our choice… literally, giving us another opportunity to highlight (AGAIN) “Caden’s BIG PLAN!”

People, He’s big and He’ll use anything and anyone to accomplish His plans.

But before I tell you how you can be a part of “Caden’s Big Plan,” let me share a little about the Amazima School in Uganda, Africa!

Amazima is “a classical Christ-centered secondary school that exists to equip Ugandan students with the tools of learning to enable them to live fully for the glory of God” (pulled that right from their website.) After four years of planning and dreaming, the Amazima School became a reality this past year on February 13th, 2017!

The school provides every student with a loving home, invested house parents, excellent teachers, nutritious food, great extra-curricular opportunities, strong academics, and vocational studies all within a biblical worldview.

And the founder of this school?

Her name is Katie Davis Majors, the young girl who moved to Uganda over a decade ago; the young woman who fostered and then adopted 13 Ugandan girls before she was even married; the godly woman who has authored the New York Times Best-Selling book, Kisses from Katie; and the follower of Christ who God has used to blaze a trail and cast a vision for the Amazima School in Jinja, Uganda!

Friends, you don’t have to be big, old, and super wise to be used by God; He’s in the business of using all kinds of hearts… in all kinds of sizes…in all kinds of ways…in all kinds of places!

So, here’s what you can do!


If you feel led and would like to be a part of “Caden’s Big Plan,” you should click here. On that screen, you will be  presented with two giving options: You can then click on the link for “Other Giving Opportunities.” You’ll want to choose the “Amazima School” in the drop down box and from there, you will be able to donate a ONE TIME GIFT. You will be able to process your card safely and on the page where it says “in honor of,” you can type “CADEN’S BIG PLAN.”
(BE SURE to note “CADEN’S BIG PLAN” in order for them to be able to track his goal of $5,000!)

Friends, it costs $300 to support a child for an entire year at the Amazima School. If Caden reaches his goal of $5,000, 16 students will be fully-support for the next school year! Right now, we have raised enough money to sponsor 9 students for 2018!!! Literally, 9 children will be attending a full year of school because a little boy pitched an idea to his parents from the backseat of a red Camry. AMAZING. Absolutely blows my mind every single time I think upon it!

Hopers, let’s show Caden what God can do with a “five loaves and two fish” idea, and let’s spread HIS LOVE all the way to Africa!!! Oh, and please feel free to SHARE, SHARE, SHARE this post ALL OVER THE PLACE. God is big enough to not need us, but gracious enough to use us – so that we can cheer & clap & cartwheel when we witness a miracle. Praise be to our very big God!

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